Drive less, pay less.

Introducing Milewise
pay-per-mile car insurance from Allstate.

What is Milewise?

It's a new kind of car insurance based on the miles you drive. It comes with the same reliable coverage and claims service you expect from Allstate, and it just might be the best kind of insurance for your lifestyle.

How do you save?

It's simple. With Milewise insurance you pay a daily rate plus a per-mile rate when you drive. So, if you don't drive much, you don't pay much.

daily rateDaily rate
(Example: $1.50)
Per-mile ratePer-mile rate
(Example: 6¢ per mile x 12 miles)
Total cost per dayTotal cost per day
(Example: $2.22)

Slide the car icon to change your miles driven and see how much you might save.

Miles driven per week 154
savings per week

Savings are based on a comparison of existing Milewise policies to equivalent Allstate Auto policies in states where Milewise is offered. Individual savings may vary.

Is it right for you?

I don’t drive to work most days

“I don’t drive to work most days.”

Don’t drive much, don’t pay much. With Milewise, you pay based on the miles you actually drive.

“I keep a close eye on my budget.”

We’ve got tools to help you set and manage your monthly budget, so you have more control over what you’re paying.

I keep a close eye on my budget
I want to see what I’m paying for.

"I want to see what I'm paying for."

Get more clarity around what you're paying for car insurance with our easy-to-use app. It gives you insights into how costs are calculated and how your account balance changes based on your mileage.

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