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Drive less Pay Less.

Introducing MilewiseSM
NEW pay-per-mile car insurance from Allstate.


What is Milewise?

It’s a new kind of insurance. You pay a rate per mile when you drive plus a low rate per day. It’s easy to pay as you go with automatic replenishment via your credit card. Whatever you spend in a day is deducted from your account so you can see real-time costs and budget better. A plug-in device in your car works with our app to track your driving, letting you see your trip history, view costs and set a spending limit.

  • Is Milewise
    Right For You?

  • Don’t Drive Much?
  • Tend to control your spending?
    • You like to know where your money goes. With Milewise, you pay as you go. So it’s easy to budget, see how much you drive and choose to drive less – and save.
    • How are my rates determined?
    • Tend to control your spending
  • Ever Take Road Trips?
    • Hit the open road once in awhile, no problem. With Milewise, we cap your daily vehicle mileage costs at 150 miles per day, so any miles beyond 150 are on us.
    • When are my miles charged?
    • Ever Take Road Trips
  • Like To Track Things You Do?
    • You’re into tracking your water intake, daily steps and activity, and then reviewing the stats. Good news – you can review your driving stats and trip history on the Milewise app.
    • What information is collected?
    • Like To Track Things You Do

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  • Get the Milewise app
  • Get the Milewise app.

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